1. Nutec Boards are Fibre Cement Boards composed of cement, organic fibre and silica. The word 'Nutec' is well known in South Africa as it has been given to these boards by a Large Manufacturer who manufactures SABS-standard boards. There are

  Wendy Houses have Apex'ed roofs or Flat Roofs. Flat Roof units are our Economical Range and have Flat Slanted Corrugated Iron Roofs, and Apex Units have Pitched Corrugated Iron Roofs. All our structures are built on an "A"

All our products are manufactured from S.A Pine. We are also able to custom make any of our products from Exotic woods and Sleeper wood. Please remember, with regular maintenance, wood can withstand the South African sun for many years. Our goal

  The difference between a Dog Kennel and a Dog House is that the Dog Kennel is for the Dog/s only. The Dog House has much Higher walls and a door for Humans to enter, they are also much larger in Floor Space. We have 8 standard unit Dog K