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1. BEWARE of 'Backyard Bangers' which are fly-by-night Wendy builders that use the client's premises as their workshop. They normally have one semi-skilled labourer with two or three casual labourers to help carry and hold. This is NOT advisable for a number of reasons. Firstly, the client's premises is open to strangers who can take up to three days to complete building a unit, compared to a professional company which gets the job done in a number of hours, bringing pre-manufactured kits to the site. Fact is that this gives strangers who may have ill intent plenty of time for surveillance of your home and routine. Secondly, they are also renowned for using sub-grade materials while portraying them to be of SABS standard and of the quality of registered Manufacturing Companies. Bear in mind, you are making a large investment in a product which should last years and years, and where is your warranty when the fly-by-night builder has disappeared and your unit is now giving problems due to sub-grade materials and labour. REMEDY: Ensure you use a Registered Company where the site staff are qualified and registered with the Department of Labour, and the materials used are of SABS standard, and your warranty is actually held with a reputable Company.

2. Make sure you are dealing with an actual Manufacturer and not an Advertising Agency, which portray to be Manufacturers while actually sourcing units from different Manufacturers at the lowest possible prices and marking them up exorbitantly, at your expense. These are most commonly found portraying websites on the Internet without an actual Manufacturing Plant. Another Danger of ordering from such Agencies is that you would have to go through a third party for any after sales service.  REMEDY: Request to visit their Factory premises. Make sure of who the actual owner/s is/are and if they are legally registered. Some Agencies Have a Deal with Certain Manufacturers, who allow the agent to say it is their Factory. It is best to use a Company that actually processes the logs themselves, thus ensuring best quality and service from a secure base manufacturer.

3. Do not pay out Deposits as there are many fraudulent individuals in this Industry who request a Deposit and once you've paid they keep you waiting and then disappear without delivering any product. It is understandable for Manufacturers to request a deposit on Custom goods, however these should not exceed 20% of the value of the purchase. REMEDY: Only use a Manufacturer who does not charge deposits unless it is a Custom unit.

4. Beware of companies offering Free Plastic Lining! Some companies offer this as they use inferior grade timber called 'rustics' that has one clean cut side and one rustic bark side which is normally hidden behind the plastic on the interior with the good side on the exterior. Also, if they use cheaply cut timber, which is not machine straight, the plastic serves to stop water entering the shed between the cladded planks. Fact about Plastic Lining is that it causes condensation between the cladded wall and the plastic layer, and this moisture helps facilitate in the rotting process, thereby shortening the lifespan of the product. REMEDY: If Plastic is offered free, make sure to go out and visit the factory and view the materials and quality of the timber and its cut.
5. The strength of any solid timber framed structure lies in the number of upright ribbings (called 'studs') and the distance between their intervals. These studs should not be wider than 600mm apart in wall paneling. The thickness of the cladding boards does not make a difference to the lifespan of the unit or the strength, and the most common thickness used is 12mm boarding. Some companies may offer thicker boarding, with the result they use less studs and save costs on structural material and framing labour. Such units are suspect to collapse in their early lifespan.REMEDY: Ensure the unit you are purchasing has studs not wider than 600mm apart.

6. Floors are the most important part of the structured unit as it is the base on which the entire unit rests, and should be built on a 3-way pallet system, the top decking planks, the centre mezzanine bearers (floor studs), which should not be further than 300mm apart, and the underneath holding struts which holds the entire structure together. Some Manufacturers cut costs by leaving the underneath holding struts out and space the mezzanine bearers at wider intervals than 300mm part. REMEDY: Check with the Manufacturer how far the studs are apart and if there are under bearers running the full length, supporting the floor underneath.

7. The Best form of attaching the Nutec Cladding or Planks to the Ribbed Frame Work is with a Pneumatic Nail Gun. Far Less Nails are used in Hand nailed Units as each one is inserted manually, were as Nails shot in Pneumatically reduces Stress and insets the nail in in one shot reducing the risk on already fixed nails being vibrated loose.REMEDY : Ask Your Supplier if they use Pneumatic Nail Guns, If not find a Supplier that Does.

8. The Best Units are Units which are Screwed together on site. That means each individual Panel is Screwed in Place On Site. This Makes for Easy Assembly and Dis-assembly if the unit ever needs to be moved or sold. Units Nailed Together On site Causes their resale value to drop as when the unit is Dis-assembled a great amount of damage occurs as it is bashed apart.  Screwing Units Together costs the supplier more in Labour and time, but reduces Noise and time spent on site. REMEDY: Make sure before ordering that the unit is screwed together on Site.

9. Beware of cheap plumbing and electrics being offered. The fact is that, if they are not installed by qualified personnel, and signed off by a certified professional, the existing property's insurance will be null and void in the case of a property claim resulting from the unit. REMEDY: It is best to use local qualified personnel to install these fixtures in order to save costs in the long term, and if there are any after sale problems, you have a local professional at hand, and not an individual from a wendy house company. 

10. Do not get Caught out with Structural Guarantees, They are only Guaranteeing the Structure against Collapse and not the Workmanship, Product or Leakages.  REMEDY: Only Purchase From a Manufacturer Who gives a full Guarantee.

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